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Accounting Assignment Help

Accounting involves keeping a record of all the incomes, expenditures, assets and liabilities of a business, and after the appraisal directing the management decisions of the business. Be it a small business or a multi billion project accounting form the backbone of the decision making of the organization. Therefore an accountant has to be very adept and efficient at her work. Study of the subject shapes the future accountants, auditors, budget analysts, credit analysts, and tax examiners to name a few.

Biology Assignment Help

Biology is the stepping stone to the noble profession of medical sciences. Biology has made it possible to research the treatment of diseases and increase the life expectancy of humans. Studies related to all living organisms, the process of evolution and the needs of these organisms are clubbed together under this vast subject. Plants and animals are studied under botany and zoology. Like every other science we see biological concepts strewn in and around us. Human processes like digestion, reproduction, photosynthesis of plants and survival techniques used by the animals are a few of the topics covered under this subject. Some of the careers related to this field are perhaps the most coveted and looked at with high regard. The foremost being the medical profession, also health related careers in forensic science, plant pathology, oceanography or the genetic fields. Even careers in field biology like study of animal behavior, marine biology and botany need a strong foundation of biology with clear concepts.