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It is a well-established fact that dissertations are no child’s play. They are the daunting tasks feared by all students alike! The pressure for submitting a good dissertation plays so much on the student’s mind that they often develop cold feet and end up either starting too late or presenting a haphazard and shoddy paper. Even a little bit of support from the right quarters can boost the morale of the students and help them accomplish this intimidating task with more confidence. Homeworkhelps.net is one such portal,  providing students with the required and apt guidance. Assistance from Homeworkhelps.net provides students with not only well-done dissertation but also endows them with a focus, organized working methods and oodles of support during the completion process. Students are confused; where to start from or what are the fitting conclusions and all such questions which may plague them while doing the dissertations. They may reach a certain point and not want to continue from there. At any juncture that they face a block, assistance from Homeworkhelps.net helps them overcome the hurdle with utmost ease. The experienced academic team at Homeworkhelps.net is adept at handling and provide assistance in all the subjects. Coaches at Homeworkhelps.net aid the students, right from selection of a topic to the conclusion of the topic. An experienced academic team will assist you in formulating your strategy to get the best possible outcome within the stipulated time frame. The professionals at Homeworkhelps.net are well aware of the importance of citing accurately and following the guidelines vital for documentation. They offer the best academic network and assist in:

  • Choosing the topic
  • Organizing the literature
  • Choosing and developing the methodologies
  • Defining the problem statement
  • Paraphrasing the research question and the hypotheses
  • Selection of appropriate conclusions and recommendations
  • Citations
  • Preparations for presentations

Apart from the scholastic assistance, our coaches also help developing the self- confidence, provide tips on how to prioritize the work, set realistic and achievable goals, create a positivity in the approach to the dissertations, that it is after all not an unconquerable demon but an important tool which will help realize the dreams of achieving good grades. During the completion of the dissertation, the rapport between the student and the coach develops so well that the student finds a friend in this unknown professional and the student does not hesitate to vent out all fears related to the entire dissertation process.


  • Selection of the topic: As dissertation is an all important task, the selection of the topic of the dissertation has to be done very carefully. The topic chosen has to be interesting and innovative. It should manage to hold the interest of the tutor and the student alike.
  • Research: The material needed for the dissertation writing has to be extensive, detailed and in-depth. A collection of all the researched material is again a mammoth task. Coaches from Homeworkhelps.net provide the guidance in the selection of the appropriate material and the legal sources.
  • Insufficient Research Material: Many a time after the selection of the topic, students find that there is insufficient research material and however hard they try they face difficulties in gathering the material. Without sufficient material, it becomes impossible to write a full-length dissertation.
  • Too much of material: At times the student collects so much material that it becomes difficult to decide what should be included in the research and what should be deleted. Everything amassed seems important and results in a dilemma for the student.
  • Assimilation: Student may successfully gather all the material, but is a fix as to how all the data should be organized and maintaining the continuity and flow of dissertation.
  • Language: A dissertation has to be written in a simple and lucid style. There should be clarity of the concepts and ideas presented by the students, the grammar and language too should be flawless. The students are generally very good at the spoken part of the language, but it is the written word that is challenging.
  • Statistical Data: For some students presentation of the statistical data is an impediment. The tables, graphs or charts are mind boggling, and they are confused as to how to make the best use of these tools.
  • Presentation: After the completion of the dissertation the presentation of the dissertation poses an even greater challenge. It often sends shivers down the students’ spine as to what the dissertation committee might question, how the class will react, preparation of the power point slides, etc.
  • Editing: At times the student successfully accomplishes the mammoth task of writing the dissertation, but is not confident about the justification did to the topic. The student would be more comfortable if some professional has a dekko at the dissertation and confirm that all is done that is needed to be done.

Above are a few and not all of the problems faced by the students while formulating a dissertation. Help from Homeworkhelps.net is available at any juncture at which the student feels he could do with the assistance.


Homeworkhelps.net has the track record of successfully assisting thousands of students in their dissertation completion. Word of mouth has made us a popular name amongst students seeking guidance for the completion of dissertations. Students are confident that once they have sought our assistance all their worries are taken care of, and they can now relax. Help from Homeworkhelps.net confirms higher grades for the students as has been our experience. Our pool of highly qualified experts facilitate the students with guidance at each and every step, patiently explaining to them the details and attending to the woes. As our experts are familiar with the importance of original content, they strive and work hard to provide the students with absolutely authentic content which is rich in information, giving accurate references wherever the need be. Once the students have emailed us their requirements it is the duty of the tutor to see that they will provide the students with:

  • 100% plagiarism free write up
  • Flawless copy, with no grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • A well researched and organized piece was written in a lucid style with fine vocabulary, maintaining the continuity and flow.
  • Help to present the dissertation in front of the dissertation committee in an eloquent style.
  • Assurance of receiving the task much before the prescribed time frame so that the student has sufficient time to revise and make the necessary changes that seem important.
  • The portal also assures of multiple revisions if need be (the chances of which are close to nought).
  • The professionals take utmost care to follow all the instructions regarding the content and format to the last “t” as prescribed by the student university/college/school.
  • Our experts are well versed with all the citations styles, be it Harvard, APA, Chicago, etc. All the in- text citations and reference lists are done according to the format demanded.
  • com is well aware of the spiraling education costs. Thus the site has tried their level best to keep the prices of its services to the minimum. Assistance from Homeworkhelps.net comes at amazingly affordable prices, the lowest offered in the industry.


The introduction is a window to the dissertation, even though it is presented first in the dissertation; it is perhaps the last part that is finalized.  The introduction needs to be tweaked from time to time, as and when new developments take place during the dissertation writing process. A rough draft of the introduction will help in keeping the focus on track and ensures that the student is not off the mark with the goal envisaged for the dissertation. An excellent introduction should be written using a simple language, avoiding the excessive use of technical terms and citations. It should be drafted in such ways that even a layman reading it will be able to understand and grasp it. An ideal introduction will inform the reader about the purpose, impact and aims of the topic. It also indicates as to how the dissertation will contribute to the chosen topic, its importance and implications. The introduction also gives an idea in brief about any other previous works done in the field. A fine introduction will gain the attention of the reader in the first few lines itself also indicating as to what can be expected from the dissertation.

The best way to ensure that the introduction will give the desired impact is either by investing sufficient time in reading and research and updating the introduction from time to time. Or the other option is seeking assistance from Homeworkhelps.net. The experts at Homeworkhelps.net ensure quality introductions which will make sure that:

  • The introduction will retain the interest of the reader and hold the attention.
  • It will give an all inclusive idea about the work undertaken, and the arguments were done.
  • It is written in the most simple and lucid style with flawless grammar.

We also Assure:

  • A 100% plagiarism free copy.
  • On time delivery
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Absolutely affordable prices
  • Full cooperation from our experts till you are satisfied
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Higher grades


The Literature Review is an important section of the dissertation, the aim of which is to display the analytical, instructional and intellectual skills of the student. A well written Literature Review also demonstrates the familiarity and the authority that the student has gained over the topic. The Literature Review explains the relationship of the dissertation in context with the existing studies and their interpretations. It is in this section that the other literature is interpreted from the student’s perspective, which has to be inventive as well as be able to identify the drawbacks of the previous works done in the subject. The Literature Review is also expected to indicate the direction that the research will take in the further chapters. A well written Literature Review will include an overview of the theory under consideration with the systematic division of the categories and concepts which either support the argument or contradict it. It has to be well structured and smoothly flow from one point to the next connecting all the ideas and theories mentioned. Writing a Literature Review should in no way be considered as summary writing, but it is a detailed analysis, synthesis and assessment of the perspective of the other writers as against the topic of the dissertation and the student’s perspective.

As the Literature Review is such an integral and extensive and demanding part of the dissertation students get nervous and lose confidence while attempting to write it. If faced with such a situation it is advisable to get help at the earliest to cross this magnanimous hurdle. The dissertation coaches at Homeworkhelps.net are there to help you out of this mess by conducting a top quality Literature Review as well as synthesize all the relevant studies. Reaching out to the expert dissertation advisors will save you lots of precious time and keep your stress levels in check. Guidance is provided with ample encouragement and support and ensures that you make consistent in your writing. Dissertation writers at Homeworkhelps.net deliver Literature Reviews which:

  • Are extremely well written with appropriate continuity and logical flow
  • Provides an apt conclusion about the works which have contributed to the development of the topic.
  • Presents terminology and viewpoints on the topic in an unbiased and comprehensive manner.
  • Integrates research which is relevant and latest.
  • Provides citations in any style (in-text or the list), in accordance with the discipline or university of the student.


The Literature Review is followed by Methodology. Dissertation methodology is an optional chapter, and it is advisable first to confirm whether the topic needs a methodology or whether the instructor or the course handbook expects a methodology to be included.  The methodology focuses on the interpretation of the data which could be primary or secondary. Primary research is the collection of fresh data, and the secondary research refers to the re-examination of the data collected previously. The data collected needs to be analysed, using the tools of analysis like Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Research method. The methodology section mentions the approach adopted and explains the reason for doing so. The section also explains briefly why the other approaches are inappropriate, as well as the drawbacks of the approach adopted. It is imperative both in research and the analysis that negativity and bias are avoided. Justification of the student’s decision is done with the reference to the previous studies. As there a multitude of methodological approaches, the pros and cons of the all the applicable alternatives too must be presented again displaying that the option chosen is the best.

Even though the Methodology forms just 10% or 20% of the whole dissertation the students get stuck and are unable to decide the research tools and the analysis. This is where Homeworkhelps.net steps in to erase all the worries of dissertation writing. Invaluable Methodology assistance from Homeworkhelps.net ensures:

  • The appropriate definition and explanation of the research question
  • A methodology which is rational, credible and useful
  • Validity is assured by including accuracy, statistical significance and precision
  • The ability to explain and justify the choice of a particular method forms an integral part of the dissertation. The experts at Homeworkhelps.net are very efficient in handling all the three methods, qualitative, quantitative and mixed approach.