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Strategy and planning management involves the making of decisions to enhance the outcome after making efficient allocation of resources, which are the people and the capital of the organization. However excellent the student maybe in theoretical knowledge but what matters is the innovative ideas, presence of mind and hands on experience. So to excel in this field these qualities of a student will take her places. Strategy and planning management spans a large scope and sets the long term goals of the organization and lays down the foundation for the policies and codes to be followed by the organization as a whole.

There are various levels at which strategic planning is applied like, business strategies, corporate strategies, marketing strategy plans, workforce planning, and operations strategy. Researchers and scholars have even devised various techniques for the implementation of strategies on a wide range a few of the tools are; The SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Force Model, Matrix of Growth share to name a few. Aspirants for careers as Strategists, Business Performance Analysts or all such careers which require strategy and planning are the openings for the pupils of this field. All strategies are individualistic in nature, as no one strategy model can be applied elsewhere. Strategies change according to the environment- organizational or geographical, the target market and the opportunities and threats to the business. Similarly no two assignments can be similar. Students have to be innovative in their thinking, and care should be taken that the assignment is loaded with original ideas and content, which could prove to be burdensome to the student.

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