The society as a whole and the socio-cultural aspects of human behavior are studied under social sciences. The study consists of varied sub topics each complex and extensive on its own. Broadly history, geography and civics form the base then detailed studies like ancient history, world history, archeology, anthropology and many more such studies make up social sciences. Obviously careers open to the student of social studies will be historian, curator, anthropologist, archaeologist, weather research analyst and a host of other options.

More than experimentation there is a lot of research involved, collection of data, formulating a database then later analysis of the data is involved. Remembering of dates, events, places and their weathers, climates, vegetation, population, culture the list is endless. The only option left with the students is to memorize all the information provided without understanding the how and why of places and events. It is generally termed as boring and dry by many students which make them lose interest in the subject, thereby delaying homework and assignments. Many a times the sheer hard work involved for research and compilation makes them put off the subject for ‘some other day’, a day which comes very late. eases all the burdens of the students and is always successful in putting the students at ease. They make sure that the student reaches a comfort level with the subject and is confident enough in handling any class work crisis with the help of the experts at The tutors at are PhD and master degree holders, having a very good command over the subject. They profess to simplify the queries and employ effective and simple teaching methods so that the student too gets well conversant with the topic creating the difficulty.

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