Project management in an organization applies to the planning and guiding of a project right from its conception to its delivery, as opposed to program which is an ongoing process, project is limited to its goals. Software development or the launch of a particular car, are examples of projects. A project is said to have been successfully completed when it is performed and completed within its pre decided frame of time and cost and the predicted scope has been achieved. The many stages of project management are initiating, planning, executing, evaluation and maintenance of the project. Project Management involves the defining of goals and objectives, nailing down of the tasks and how they will be done, appraisal of the resources needed and deciding on the cost and time available for completion.

The Project manager has to see to it that the plan and aim set down by her are realistic and taking into account all the factors that is deciding it. It is also beneficial to keep the process transparent and all the team mates happy so that there is optimum productivity. Approach theories to process management are various and are as follows: Agile Project management, Lean Project Management, Critical Chain, Benefits Realization Method and Even Chain Methodology. Students studying this subject need to develop their decisive powers and be very discreet in the application of these.

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