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Mechanical engineering involves the applying of principles of physics, and material science for the purpose of analysing, designing and maintaining of the mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering also evaluates and implements the knowledge practically. It can easily be referred to as the backbone of manufacturing. Mechanical engineering is not only the oldest but also the most popular discipline of engineering; it involves the application of mechanical devices and heat transfer. It includes the study of fluid dynamics, force analysis, mass transfer and designing as well. It is the broadest disciplines having the maximum applications, it is applicable mostly in the manufacture of various machineries, also manufacture of automobiles and devices required in healthcare and power generating machineries to name a few.

The automobile industry is the obvious choice for prospective engineers, also there are openings in the aerospace industry, utilities industries, marine industry and the construction industry, and the options are unlimited. Mechanical Engineers also opt for product designing, researching and developing and energy conversion. It is one of the toughest disciplines and the students have a difficult time coping with the complicated syllabus as well as the assignment pressures. Help is mostly required in a few of the areas mentioned below, but it is not limited to these:

Turbulence Electrical Power Engineering

Mechanical Vibrations Computer Aided Design

Fluid Dynamics Heat Transfer

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