A programming language is the set of instructions or rules for the computer to follow so that it can perform certain functions. There are around 500+ programming language employed today and the number is increasing day by day. One of the most popular system programming languages C is considered as the building block for other popular languages. A programming language aims for easy communication between the computer and the programmer, determining the design pattern, study of efficiency of programming languages in the construction and development of software. Languages have object oriented features for programs. Each language has its own special functions and makes way for the development of other features, like C# is a language which is compatible with Microsoft .net, this helps in developing the portable application and allows for the advanced web services to be used.

The different levels of programming language are micro-code, machine code, assembly language, low level programming language, and high level programming language. A deep understanding of the format and the patterns of the code generated help in programming with excellence. A good knowledge of these languages helps in writing complex programs and also gaming projects and assignments can be accomplished. Having a good practice of program implantation consistently prevents issues in programming assignments. The efficiency of the program depends on its accuracy, simplicity, reliability, and flexibility.

A program is said to be successfully implemented after problem identification, program design, program coding, compilation, and testing and debugging. If the knowledge of basics of programming language is weak then problems are definitely bound to appear. A proper study of the major differences between high and low level programming languages will lead to fewer mistakes.

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