Analyzing, storing, protecting and processing of information by using modern technology is called as Information technology (IT). Basically what are being spoken about are the computers. The use of computers has made our work faster and easier and it has opened up new avenues which were not available earlier. The use of computers is rampant today and they are used in every possible field. Complicated computations can solved with ease within no time by the most economical and efficient system of digital computers. Along with the saving of time and money the computers help in increasing productivity by minimum utilization of resources like capital and humans. The two core elements of IT are telecom and computing.

The combination of the two brings about massive growth and positive changes in the organization. Effective tools used in IT are the computers, internet, websites, emails and other advancements. IT involves the study of all that is related to computers, the hardware, software, networking, internet, and computing. Students wishing to work in this field are the future administrators, analysts, hardware or software engineers and web developers and designers.

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