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Economics is an integral part of any business- because funds need to be handled efficiently everywhere. Analyzing of production, distribution and consumption of capital are the job of the economist for an organization. Be it the home or a multi-national company, proper allocation of limited resources will ensure a smooth running. An economic concept can be said to have been successfully applied when the allocation is such that it results in maximum profit and satisfaction. Economics not only understands the present trend but also helps in predicting the future trends and thereby adjusts the production levels and decisions to be taken. You can choose to be a financial economist, environmental economist, political or research economist, you will always be the think tank of the organization, charting out the policies benefiting the people and the resources of the organization.

Economics is a vast field and there are many fields which it covers like; micro and macroeconomics, labor economics, international economics, public economics, just to name a few. A strong hold on the subject, its concepts and theories will help the students in the long run. Economics is a vast and extensive subject and quite complicated at that. It is mostly theoretical and needs a deep understanding of the terms involved, which may prove problematic at times. Not all but just a few of the topics which are frequently known to cause trouble are listed below:

Marginal Productivity

Budget, Deficit and Public Debt

International Trade

Competition and Market Structure

Cost and Benefit Analysis

Currency Management

Aggregate Demand and Supply

Price Floors and Ceilings

Elasticity of Demand

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