Case study is a method of systematic research about a particular incident. It is not possible to gain practical experience while studying, but the study of case studies are very close to practical experience. The incident could be hypothetical or actual and it involves delving into the causes and suggesting appropriate strategies and solutions. It is an organized way of looking at events, collection of data, information analysis, and result reporting. A single incident is further dissected into causes, variables, who is responsible for what and the probable solutions. Help for Case Study Assignments is available for case study of all fields for e.g.:

Marketing Case Study: this case study will involve all topics under management, like supply, finance, marketing, etc. the marketing strategy of a product, identification and duties of the managers and stakeholders. Application of marketing tools like; PESTEL, SWOT, and Porters five force model. And last but not the least weighing the pros and cons of the incident.

Legal Case Study: Analysis of the dispute, and decision regarding the domain; whether it will come under civil, criminal, corporate domains. Then apply the legal precedents and finally the legal solution.

Nursing Case Study: Involves the study of medical history, the symptoms and the medical reports of a particular disease. The case involves the detailed diagnosis and then finally suggestions for appropriate treatments.

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What are Case Studies?

Case Studies can be related to any given subject. They are based on real stories that may be related to industry, corporation, economics, finances etc. They can be of different genres. However most schools and Universities expect students to do the case studies as a practical application to the theories they learn at school. Case Studies are solutions that students are expected to solve. Case Studies assignment can also be related to research based assignments. Qualitative Studies in Research are often based on case studies as part of student’s research survey on any given particular subject.

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