One of the most popular and upcoming career options for youth of today is the field of biotechnology. The number of students enrolling for studies in bio-technology is steadily increasing and surpassing the admissions of the previous year. Bio-technology is the study of the concepts of technology and biology entwined for the benefit of the human race. This integration of technology with the living organisms to create useful products mostly makes contributions to the fields of agriculture and medicine.

It is used to make organic products such as milk, grains, and vegetables and also used for the efficient disposal of waste employing the principles of recycling, treating the waste and also taking care of the cleaning up activities. Use of bio-technology can be seen in bio- bio informatics, bio-robotics, bio-process engineering and chemical engineering. It is used mainly for the advancement in nano- technology, fuel cell technology, genetic mapping and development of robots.

The use is also evident in the production of environmentally sustainable and biologically useful agricultural and pharmaceutical products. A few of the tools of bio-technology are used in our everyday life, like the process of fermentation or that of plant cell/tissue culture used by the farmers. Some of the other tools are recombinant DND technology (genetic engineering), protoplast fusion, and embryo transfers. A few of the topics that throw a spanner in the student's academic plans:

Electron Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics

Analytical Biotechnology

Bio-safety and Intellectual Property Rights


Recombinant DNA Technology





NMR Spectroscopy

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