Why the historical context and literary context are so important to understand i

Please begin your original thread by clarifying why the historical context and literary context are so important to understand in properly interpreting the epistles. Then, summarize the basic hermeneutical principles discussed in Chapter 4. 250 words. The book is How to read the bible for all its worth. Gorden Fee and Douglas Stauart

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Fee and Stuart in the book ‘How to read the bible for all its worth” have discussed some ground rules that are important in answering the literary and historical content in properly interpreting the epistles. Rule one that is proposed in the text states that whatever is given in the bible is written to be understood by the original readers and author. In the rule number two both Fee and Stuart stated that the particulars shared in the bible for the first-century listener’s remains the same even in this present century. Further in the text the four areas of problem identified in the chapter are: the legitimacy of using or extending the principles of a particular biblical text, the answer to this question is stated to be yes, given if that is the intention of the biblical context. Secondly, the principles articulated in given text are applied to comparable situations despite the incomparable particularity. Thirdly, the core of the message is peripheral and dependable to the comparable situations in the text. Other thing, when the epistles are read the important thing to remember is their both literary and historical text. In understanding both the historical and literary context one can easily understand the reality of faith and their words seem to float down from heaven. It is also stated that epistles also appear to be true and they are true letters of doctrine and encouragement that are designed to instruct and elevate the specific members of the church. One of the important things about understanding and learning the literary and historical context of the epistles is the versatility that is composed for various diverse audiences like Gentiles, Roman, Jew and Apostle. Additionally in understanding epistles also means that the word of God is brought to life in the similar way as equal to the learning more about the place, time and author. The scripture also helps in understanding or visualizing the life of people that lived during the period. The representation in the epistles helps to understand the worth of theology and it helps the humans mind to open the unknown secrets that are trapped in the word. Usually when the epistles are read some people do not dig into the depth of what the word of God has to reveal, but both Fee and Stuart highlight the importance of avoiding speculations in getting confused but rather properly interpret the epistles.


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