Highlight the roles within a typical healthcare setting

Highlight the roles within a typical healthcare setting (e.g. hospital or government agency) and discuss their involvement within the analysis and design phases of the SDLC model.

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In the case study written by McMurtrey (2013), the Systems Development Life Cycle has been discussed going through tremendous changes and it has remained steadfast with the committed approach to the software development. The application of SDLC in the 21st century in the health care environment is the most happening subjects. The most important component of SDLC and its use in the health care setting involves the regional hospital facility. It is stated that SDLC is not a recent development and it has been the part of IT community since its inception. In this specific case study the investigation of a regional hospital was conducted by using the software package in the Home Health treatment of the organization. The study overview conducted stated the analysis phase of the SDLC. In the process of this case study the purpose of using the SDLC in the home treatment was to provide effective patient care made available to clients in the homes and secondly to modernize their operations with the present technology. The initial stages of Analysis phase as divided into Technical, Operational and Economic phases. Therefore in the requirement analysis stage it is observed that care has been taken to make sure that the proposed system met the objectives that were presented to the management. Various stakeholders mapped out the requirements that were needed from the new system (McMurtrey, 2013).

In the designing phase, SDLC carried out this phase by the vendors. Therefore the assessment of cost and benefit, pros and cons, features, wear and tear of each product were analysed. In the designing phase the primary objectives or purpose of SDLC was defined and assessed for its strong management controls, maximizing productivity and it also ensured the delivery of the high quality systems (McMutrey, 2013).

Therefore in conclusion it can be noted that in meeting the requirements and the objectives of design approaches SDLC can be used as an illustration of a system that has been created for its techniques with an approach to design, analysis, installation support and production support (Systems Development Lifecycle, 2003).


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